Terence thanks all you faithful loyal patrons! Keep using Wax and keep me updated on how my Wax has changed your life! Come on, Make My Day!
  I recently moved from Norway to the US and have been a user of Soft Hold. I
thought I would easily find Renati in the States, unfortunately not. Any advice on
how I can get some Soft Hold?

- Hunter .F

Could you plese send up Rock Hard and Paste samples to Luleå, Norrbotten?
That would make me the happiest guy in the world!
Lots of love,

- Jonas .B

Hi Terence, I hope you still remember me. We have training with you in Singapore
before. I understand from Lenz that he is no longer distributing Renati products
but we are still interested to carry them. Have you got a distributor in Singapore

-Seng .W.T

We would like to express our interest in representing and distributing the
Terence Renati products in the Dominican Republic. Med-Tec, S.A. was
incorporated in 1991 as a wholesale distributor of professional beauty and
consumer products. At the present time we represent and distribute several lines
of Consumer, Professional Beauty, and Hair Care products from the United States
and Europe. We have distribution channels nationwide and are supported by an
excellent staff of sales people. Servicing: Salons, Spas, Supermarkets
Pharmacies, Retailers, wholesalers, and Hotels.
We would like to expand and include among the lines that we represent,
Terence Renati. We believe, in the Dominican Republic there is a great potential
market for your products!
I look forward to receiving as much information as possible for us to begin this
project and please do not hesitate in contacting us if you need further
information. A complete list of the products and pricing would be a great start.

- Raquel .B

Our distribution companies in GR & CY sole business is distributing professional
hair care to salons within our territory’s. We have heard very positive comments
about your products and brand and we are keen to commence dialog regarding
the possibility of representing you within our territory’s.

- Athos .

I have a salon in Adelaide SA and would like to try your wax. One of my clients
wants me to get him some.

- Antonio

Hi My name is Helen from Allegria hair and beauty and i have a few clients who
love your strong hold Glaze and I was wondering if there is anyone in Adelaide
who sells it or can you tell me whom I can get it from anyway. Ive been selling it
now for over a year and the old supplier says they dont stock it anymore and just
wanted to sell me their brand. Im sick of trying to replace one product with
another and would like to keep stocking your product. Thank you

- Helen

Hi Renati, I lived in Norway for 9 years. When i was living there i was using the
Renati Rock Hard hair wax. About 5 years ago i moved back to my home country
Iceland. What im trying to say is that for the past 5 years i have tryed out too
many different hair-waxes, and i cannot find any wax as good as the Renati Rock
My best friend is a hardresser and he is very interessed to try the Renati products.
No one in Iceland is selling this (that i know of)
So i need to know what i can do to be able to get this exellent products here in

- Andri D. P.

Hi, I wonder if Renati products are sold in USA? Do you have an internet address?
I have moved from Norway to Las Vegas and I need it J

- Andreas H.

The reason for our email is that we would like you to consider our company to
Represent your enterprise in the Honduran Market. Fragancias is well know
For solidarity with companies all over the world our company distributes
Professional hair Care, salon products to the local market, and we are currently
looking to expand our distributions. We are pioneers introducing the concept of
professional care products to the Honduran market with experience since 1986.
We would love to hear from your international department.

- Criss R.