Terence thanks all you faithful loyal patrons! Keep using Wax and keep me updated on how my Wax has changed your life! Come on, Make My Day!
  I'm a Norwegian student, currently living in Hawaii, US.
Life as a graduate student in Hawaii is great, but there is one thing missing in
my life.
Ever since a friend introduced me to your great Strong Hold hair wax many years
ago, it's been with me everywhere. My problem is that I'm all out of wax,
and I can't get hold of any more here in the US. I've tried several products from
different brands, but none is able to replace your great wax, by far.
Therefore I was wondering if you could please send me some of your Renati
Strong Hold wax?
This would definitely ease my everyday life, and I can focus 100% on my school
It would be a perfect gift for Christmas, and I promise I will continue to be a loyal
customer for the rest of my life!

- Andreas H.

I've been using renati for years now and I'm super happy with it! I just fell in love
with your product after trying it some years ago, and never stopped using it since.
I don't know if you receive this kind of mail very often, but i just wanted to say
thanks! I cant remember having a bad hair day since i started with it :) Keep on
working, and improving your product!

- Chris

I was recently in Swden & whilst having my hair cut there, I was introduced to your
products. I purchased the 'Rock Hard' hair wax & now that I have run out, I cannot
seem to find any in Adelaide. The guy that cut my hair in Sweden was also
surprised that I hadnt heard of your products up till then!
Could you please tell me how I can purchase replacements?? Have you
considered setting up an 'online store' to sell your products?
I was impressed with the wax & would like to get some more!

- Darren M.

Hi my name is Espen P, a born Norwegian who is currently living in the US. As a
big fan of your products I made my mom ship over some cans of Soft Hold.
However I was wondering how I should store those cans and is it any; "use by
that date" on them. Or is the products as good if you use them a year later
assuming that the cap is still on?

- Espen P.

I really like your product, and have no problem finding it in my home country
Norway. However, I am now living in Barcelona and cannot find your product. Is
there any reason to continue looking? You do not happen to know where?

- Anders G.

My name is Christian L. I'm an exchange student from Norway who currently
lives in North Carolina, USA.
I have been using your hair products since I can remember. My mom has always
given me the opportunity to try the new products since she is a Hairdresser and
a big fan of your products. I'm currently using your Renati Shampoo and Renati
Strong Hold hair wax, and I LOVE THEM!
But I have a little problem; I can't find your products down here in the US. And
my friends down here are literally crazy after it. They are always asking for my
wax and asking me if my mom can send some to them. It has worked out pretty
good so far, but it gets kind of expensive when she has to pay for the waxes for
me and all my friends. So I just wondered if it's possible to buy your products
anywhere in the US? Or if it's possible to order some?

- Christian L.

Does the below screen print tell me that your products are not sold here in the
I have been looking for your products everywhere and I am not happy with the
products I have tried as substitutes over here, as they do not live up to my
expectations. If I am wrong and you do sell your products in the US please direct
me to a source.

- Alf K.

I lived in Stockholm some months and i started using your Waxes "Strong Hold". I
love the effect and i can't find any better. Now i'm back in Lisbon (Portugal) and i
couldn't find it anywhere. I found your website and saw that you don't have a
Renati Distributor in Portugal. Is there any possibility to purchase your products
and send it to my address?
Looking forward to an answer.

- Frederico C.